If someone were to open a rockabilly tattoo shop in Grandma's South Beach mid-century ranch, the result would look a lot like the Florida Room. (We're going to assume Grandma's no longer with us; a painted table at the entrance features a monkey's behind and the word "Florida"—use your imagination as to the location of the "o.") If you'd like to admire the walls full of Hamm's and Schlitz memorabilia, Catholic iconography and Florida kitsch sans Bettie Page haircuts and tight pants, check out Sunday's Church of the Bloody Mary hangover brunch (11 am-5 pm), celebrating the existence of God the way nature intended—with fried food and vodka.
What to drink:
Can of Old German (only $1!).
Happy hour: 50 cents off draft and well drinks, $3-$4 food menu; 3-7 pm daily (or anytime with OLCC/food-handlers card).
Entertainment: Patio, pool, trivia nights, pinball, jukebox, photo booth ($3).