[DELICATESSEN] The deli counter at Kenny & Zuke's Delicatessen is nestled against the eastern wall of the restaurant, hemmed in by bottled root beers and cream sodas, gazing out across the high-ceilinged dining space. The restaurant has garnered local affection for hearty sandwiches and mouthwatering pastrami, and the deli counter provides these meats for home use, alongside a range of delicatessen standards: bagels, bialys, salmon lox, cream cheese with both salmon and scallions, thin slices of salmon (both peppered and unadorned), hamentashen, rugelach, knishes, chopped liver and macaroons.

Grocery list: Quarter-pound of pastrami ($14.75/lb.) to snack on, corned beef ($12.75/lb.), lox cream cheese ($9.25) and a bialy.