Although 12-inch, wood-fired pizza is the cornerstone at Ken's Artisan Pizza—and yes, you'd be a fool to pass on the pie—be sure to eat your vegetables as well. The focal wood-fired oven, surrounded by mezzaluna-wielding cooks, perfects lightly charred, delicious roasted vegetables. In late summer the vegetable platter included cooked-to-collapse smoky eggplant with spicy tomato sauce and oregano pesto, roasted green and yellow wax beans, and herby squash and poblano pepper. The prosciutto pie, one of 10 house pizzas, is a cured-meat quilt stitched from thinly sliced prosciutto di San Daniele, Ken's signature spiced red sauce, mozzarella and basil. The Arrabiatta is the same, but subs in spicy Calabrian chiles for the meat. Most nights the wait is a-walk-to-Laurelhurst-Park-and-back long, but the bar is always up for grabs.

IDEAL MEAL: Caesar salad, roasted vegetable plate, fennel sausage and onion pizza with Calabrian chiles, vanilla-bean panna cotta, roasted Mission figs and Riesling honey syrup.