In recent years plenty of Portland food carts have been brazenly dropping their hitches well beyond downtown's Cart Row—the popular lunch landing strip along Southwest 5th Avenue. North Killingsworth Street is home to two such daring chuck wagons artfully making use of cramped quarters.

Squatting in a corner lot along with an espresso/cigarette stand and an auto detail shop, Soup Savvy is as cute as a cart can get. A gazebo-ish dining nook adjacent to the cart with flower-topped tables and a nice selection of food mags hems you in from traffic-heavy North Greeley Avenue.

April Snow and sister Amber Snow flipped the open sign in February, luring nearby Adidas employees up the hill and enticing passersby to park it for a bite.

Four daily from-scratch soups and six hot sandwiches, including one of the tastiest meatball subs in town, have hooked enough regulars by now. The thick and dreamy white chicken chili ($3.95 a bowl) is rib-sticking and super savory, while the tomato-basil soup is so fresh and creamy it could be dessert. For a heartier meal try the meatball sub ($6, $8 with a cup of soup)—100 percent beef meatballs with plenty of thyme, basil and oregano; a not-too-sweet tomato sauce studded with garlic and onion; and melted mozzarella couched in a chewy, toasted bun.