Fear not, earthlings, the recently renovated Space Room retains its just-off-the-Vegas-strip vibe. Glowing murals of Mount Hood and the Portland skyline also remain intact. Overhead lights are still intergalactic. And Dean Martin would still happily endure an anal probe after two gigantic fishbowl cocktails—including the Purple Alien ($6.75), which tastes like incendiary Purplesaurus Rex Kool-Aid. New is the bar's annex, which once looked like Grandma's favorite diner stapled to the side of the bar. Now it resembles an alien swinger pad, with mod hanging lights, dangling UFOs and Warhol-esque alien paintings. The menu also got an upgrade (it now reveals an obsession with ciabatta and pulled pork), and the corpse-stiff drinks and psychedelic elements are enough to make a staunch skeptic see little green men.
What to drink: A deadly Long Island bowl, $7.25.
Happy hour: $1 off food 11 am-7 pm daily.
Entertainment: Jukebox, sports, black-light paintings.