[CHOCOLATE] Nestled between well-known eateries along bustling Northeast 28th Avenue, this charming little chocolatier's boutique is your palate's sensual delight and dentist's worst nightmare (though the good doctor would understand after one visit). Rose-water caramel sauce, ginger-almond toffee, Mexican truffles, Thai peanut butter cups and a thick habanero-caramel drinking chocolate that will banish those rainy day blues—these are only a few of the rich temptations that await. Proprietor Sarah Hart started out five years ago by creating gold-painted chocolate molds of spiritual icons, and you can still find a shelf dedicated to the edible renditions of La Virgen de Guadalupe, Sakyamuni Buddha and Sheila Na Gig in a corner of the shop. Burnt-sugar cocoa almonds and "Alma boo boos" (delicious mistakes in a discounted bag) are up for grabs, too.

Grocery list: Imported salt, 6 ounces of cacao nibs, a habanero caramel crown and a tin of Spanish pimentón.