The interior of this unobtrusive "hut" in the Fubonn shopping center has about as much appeal as the Tiki Room, but the thatched movie-island motif isn't the only reason you risked parking your car on 82nd Avenue. It's the slippery slide into the mysteries of what one waitress described as "Malaysian Chinese food" that's the real attraction here. The menu is easy on the eyes, with nearly every item illustrated by a color photo, which helps when you try to spit out words like "lobak," "rojak" or "Kang Kung belachan." And while it may look intimidating on the page, when an entree such as the Buddhist Yam Pot (the "pot" is made of a root veggie) or barbecued Pompano fish plops down in front of you, it's best to open your mind along with your mouth and just eat it. Stirring other Southeast Asian countries' spices and Indian curries into the mix, Malay Satay Hut is a great vacation spot for those who would like to travel far from the Portland dining scene and still get home on a full tank.

IDEAL MEAL: Pancaked roti telor (or canai), Sinagpore rice noodles, Indian rojak, Buddhist Yam Pot, Malaysian Chinese pork chops.