In the spring of '06, Seattle's popular Malay Satay Hut opened a Portland outpost in Southeast 82nd Avenue's bustling Fubonn Shopping Center. Ever since, it's been serving a wide range of spice-rich foods from its family-album-sized menu (yes, with full-color photos). Authentic Singapore-style Malaysian food—heavily influenced by Thai, Indian and Chinese cuisines—favors curries, noodle soups, sautés and lots of seafood. Popular items at the hut include skewered chicken or beef satay with peanut sauce, whole fried pompano fish, and a sweet-and-spicy seafood curry pot. Go with a group, grab a large, lazy-Susan-topped table under the bamboo-hut-style ceiling, and fill it with foods to share. Afterward, hit up the adjoining Fubonn supermarket, where you can buy bags of rice and lychees, as well as goose and snake heads, all at the same place. (LC)

Signature dish: Roti chanai —fried flatbread served with a cup of potato curry for dipping.

Standouts: Less common delicacies, like crispy-fried pork intestines and beef porridge.

Regrets: Some dishes are so saturated with oil you could stuff them into your biodiesel tank and churn out enough fuel to get home.