In the shadow of the roaring overpass where I-205 meets Southeast Division Street, there sits an angular strip mall painted with large diamonds of complementary greens. It is home to a Subway, a Cricket Wireless vendor and Pork on Fire, the best Korean barbecue fast-food joint this side of the Willamette. That may sound like damning with faint praise, but Pork on Fire is quite good, and cheap: $5.99 gets you a big pile of grilled bulgogi (beef marinated in fruit juice, white wine and soy sauce), chicken tenders or pork on fire (pork marinated in vinegar, chile powder and sugar) on a mound of rice, delivered to you by an Elvis-haired man in a chef's jacket who also runs the register, tends the bar, mans the grill and does the dishes. We don't know if he also picked the decor—posters of Marilyn Monroe and Paris street scenes—and the name, but we hope so. Vegetarians will have to stick to a side of kimchi ($1.50).