[EASTERN EUROPEAN] Those who make the trek out to 122nd Avenue are rewarded with an inclusive culinary glance into Eastern Europe. Anoush Deli's labels weave in and out of different alphabets, naming preserves and canned vegetables, pickled this and salted that. The meat counter displays a wide selection of imported salami and bologna. Alongside the usual array of spices, pastas and grains is a freezer full of cakes for all occasions and a large wall of wines, conveniently labeled by country of origin. While the market is devoid of produce, it boasts a selection of Eastern European magazines and a wall rack full of CDs—you'll get one free with every purchase of $30 or more, a sign on the counter promises.

Grocery list: Smoked mackerel ($5.49/lb.), Young Walnut Preserve ($4.99), Hungarian peppered salami ($10.99/lb.).