[EAST INDIAN, FIJIAN] You could get lost for hours in this cramped, incense- and spice-perfumed mashup of East Indian and island goods, stuffed with golden idols, bright saris and towering stacks of Bollywood DVDs. This place is an under-the-radar Indian-seasoning jackpot, with multiple kinds of masala and pound packages of turmeric and cumin for $7. A rainbow of lentils and rice line one wall while pickles—garlic, lime, chile, star apple and mango varieties—as well as curries, mustards and a half-dozen types of ghee, line the other. The shop also sells Fiji waka powder (4 ounces, $4.95), from the root of the kava plant—the Pacific Islanders' mind-expanding after-dinner drink mix.

Grocery list: Cheap spices, mango pickles, lamb, Fiji waka powder.