Though no longer appropriately nicknamed "The Ash Tray" (that honor goes to the butt-strewn sidewalk outside), Ash Street Saloon remains a pinnacle fixture of the Portland music scene. Unabashedly divey, and consequently as welcoming as a broken-in pair of jeans, Ash Street plays host to up-and-coming and out-of-town bands on a nightly basis, cranking the volume to 11 whether there's a standing-room-only crowd slurping PBR or a couple of wayward fans sipping stiff whiskey-Cokes. It's a musical common ground for anyone looking for cheap booze, good music, and a low cover charge.
What to drink: Who are you kidding? You're drinking Pabst, especially during happy hour, when it's a buck.
Happy hour: Food specials, $1 Pabst, $2.50 well drinks and microbrews 4-8 pm daily.
Entertainment: Pinball, darts, live music, arcade games, pool, jukebox.