Bartender's choice: Shinjuku bubble tea ($7), a blend of green tea, almond liqueur, sake and vodka.Sure, the Camellia Lounge at the TeaZone sounds like a corporate-sponsored yuppie hot spot peddling the latest in trendy Zen. And it is, but not so much as you'd think. Looking past the inevitable crowd of turtlenecked thirtysomethings, you'll notice spindled lights dangling from the ceiling, curtains shining with soft colors and a well-stacked, glittering bar. The prices aren't exactly modest, but, hell, neither are the drinks—with over 100 teas and 18 tea-infused specialty cocktails, the possibilities are overwhelming. Every afternoon (4-6 pm) and evening (10 pm-midnight) the Lounge offers a happy hour, and every Tuesday it pulls out the projector and screens classic films. FOOD/DRINK SPECIALS, SMOKE-FREE, HAPPY HOUR. (AS)