Bartender's choice: Hangover cure? "Water. All a hangover is is dehydration." A bar and a place of scientific learning. Cool.The Harp ($4.50 a pop) is good and cold. The Murphy's Stew ($9) warms you up on a chilly night, and the side of soda bread is a nice touch, indicating that management recognizes this treat shouldn't only be served stateside on St. Patrick's Day. The guitarist sounds Irish. And there's even a map of the Old Sod to make you feel like you're spending the evening in Ballygarvan. Only a Jack-ass McSorley would be distracted from the otherwise-pleasant Irish idyll to note that there's a Mariners game on the tube, and that this little slice of County Cork is near a Starbucks and a Wild Oats. HAPPY HOUR, DRINK/FOOD SPECIALS, GAMES, TV, LIVE MUSIC, OUTDOOR SEATING, WI-FI.