Although it's located right on the highly visible corner of Southeast 6th Avenue and East Burnside Street, I tend to drive past Rontoms without noticing it. I'm going to do the logical thing and blame this on the nondescript, warehouse-style building's total lack of signage. The bar's elusiveness, though it can be a pain in the ass, is endearing. Inside, Rontoms gives off a vintage air—specifically, the sort of air you might find in your grandmother's basement. Secondhand couches and tables are strategically clumped across the room, allowing intimate conversations among friends, and the bar features a backyard smoking patio complete with a fire pit and pingpong table.
What to drink: A bottle of Celebrator doppelbock, $4.
Happy hour: $4 food menu, $3 well drinks 4:30-6:30 pm Monday-Friday.
Entertainment: Live music, movie nights, board games, Wi-Fi.