With $3 well drinks, Big Buck Hunter (both the video game and the pinball machine), video slots, TVs dedicated to the Blazers and a jukebox, it's safe to say the Slammer was pulled from somebody's dive-bar fantasy and realized with a hasty affection. The bar has a cozy, funky atmosphere, with a selection of nice two-person tables edging around the bar and a shadier back room for large groups, and both sometimes fill with a mix of old regulars and neighborhood youngsters. It's sadly cash only, but it does have an ATM (and its $2 withdraw fee) in the back.
What to drink: "We're pretty much all about hard liquor." Go for it. Whiskey on the rocks, $3.
Happy hour: $2.50 well drinks, 5-7 pm Monday–Saturday; three tacos for $1.50 Wednesdays.
Entertainment: Jukebox, pinball, Big Buck Hunter, lots of TV.