It is no longer legal to put match to cigarette while sipping your rye. What reason is left to go to the bar? Here's one: cheap booze. Pints of Kokanee get passed across the horseshoe counter for $2. (If you're wondering whether this is the kind of bar that will mix you a specialty cocktail, consider that this is the kind of bar where the men's room does not have a door.) Even after several refurbishings, the picnic-table decor still resembles that of a strip-mall Mexican restaurant that has forgotten to serve Mexican food (except on taco Wednesdays!), but the Slammer is a corner bar so enchanting you may be moved to stand on an outdoor table and sing along to "Rocket Man" playing on the loudspeakers. After which the regulars will come outside and congratulate you.
What to drink: Beam and Coke gets poured strong for $4.50.
Happy hour: $2.50 well drinks Monday-Tuesday and Thursday-Saturday, $1.50 tacos Wednesday.
Entertainment: Pinball, Big Buck Hunter.