[SODA] Cola. Soda. Pop. Soft drink. No matter what you call it, Pop Culture has it. The shop's neon sign in the window boasts 300 sodas, and they aren't kidding. Boylan, Thomas Kemper, Virgil's and Faygo are all represented. Some more exotic finds include the fruity and fizzy Capt'n Eli's Blueberry Pop, Sioux City's ruby-colored birch beer and Jones Soda's Pineapple Cream—think bubbly, virgin piña colada. While you're there, pull up a chair at the surfboard-shaped table that bears the shop's former name (Moxie's on Main), flick your bottle top in the bin with hundreds of others and enjoy a Coney Island dog. Or go on a weekend night for some live music—with the only highs coming from sugar, it's a safe place to hang with your newly sober roommate. Insider tip: Buy four bottles and save a buck.
Grocery list: Mexican Coke and Jarritos for your Cinco de Mayo party, original-formula Dr. Pepper and natural cane-sugar colas of every variety.