[BEER] This is where Beervana's most giddy, evangelical followers come to worship. The hallowed space is filled with more than 1,000 kinds of beer (plus mead, sake and cider), much in fridge cases, stored under UV-filtered light, and organized by country—from big, 25-ounce Champagne bottles of Belgian suds to plastic quarts of Russian lager. Our own microbrews get major love, with a whole case devoted to "Oregon's Finest," including Heater Allen, Ninkasi and Rogue. The staff's knowledgeable without being jerks—and honest, too. Sip your purchases (for a small fee) in the adjoining Biercafe or order a draft from one of Belmont's dozen, constantly rotating taps.

Grocery list: Special seasonal Oregon microbrews, draft pour of knock-your-head-off Avery Maharaja IPA ($4.25).