[BEER] The employees at John's Marketplace describe it as a "specialty bottle shop with a grocery problem," though the grocery problem is minute. The store boasts over 1,000 types of beer and 400 of wine, and the employees are thoroughly knowledgeable and ready with recommendations. The back of the store is a cornucopia of microbrews and imported beers, mostly sold by the bottle, while wines are shelved in the front, selected and categorized by "Mr. Mike." Both sections of shelves are dotted with reviews and recommendations across a wide spectrum of prices, with a separate rack of current favorites in the middle of the store. John's also has a wide and reasonably priced selection of over a hundred different keg beers.
Grocery list: Rex Hill Willamette Valley 2007 Pinot Noir, Fire Mountain Brew House Bad Henry IPA, Bourbon County Brand Stout, Green's Gluten Free Amber Ale.