Lupa would be a great place to ride out a zombie plague. It's narrow and brick-lined with a high, defensible balcony (currently just used for storage). It's got jars of tasty preserved treats like salted almonds and dried apricots to keep you nourished during a long siege. Just remember to grab a few bottles off the wall-spanning wine rack before you hole up—normally you would buy them to carry out or pay a corkage fee to enjoy them at this tiny wine bar/shop, but during a zompocalypse you could probably sample owner Amanda Prock's always-interesting selections for free. Plus, the tall and self-possessed Prock seems like just the kind of person you'd want to see you through an undead uprising. Pass the ammunition, and the Vouvray.
What to drink: Sparkling wine. Red wine. Dessert wine. What, you got a problem with wine?
Happy hour: $1 off glass pours 4-6 pm Monday-Saturday, all day Sunday.
Entertainment: The menu's witty wine descriptions ("a pretty lady's wine, balanced in earthly deeds and passion").