When you're driving down Fremont Street in the Beaumont Village area, it is hard not to be distracted by the McPeets sign—after all, it's big and shiny, and nearly 20 damn feet tall. That sign might lead you to believe that when you open the doors to McPeets you'll see a grand place with massive ceilings and room for days of wandering, but McPeets loves to defeat your expectations. Indeed, the sign is almost as large as the interior of this gem of a neighborhood bar. You won't find trendy art on the walls, but you will find a solid house porter and cheap fries.
What to drink: McPeets Porter (from Southern Oregon Brewing), $3.75.
Happy hour: Rotating daily specials 4 pm-close nightly. $1.25 PBR Wednesdays!
Entertainment: Pool, arcade games, jukebox.