B-Side is a no-frills hole in the wall (an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting hall in its last incarnation) where you can drink away your sorrows for cheap. Paint flakes fall from the ceiling, celebrity gossip magazines line the walls, classic punk jams pump through the speakers, and the drinks are poured stiff. Owner Tanya says of her bar, "Nothing is expensive, but nothing is too shitty, and a well whiskey shot ain't no grain liquor." Indeed, it's Canadian R&R ($3). The menu bids us, "Eat up, drunky," and offers only what can be prepared with a freezer and a microwave. Nothing will cost you more that five bucks.
What to drink: Tecate in the can, $2.
Happy hour: $1 Tecate and Hamm's during "Crappy Hour" 5-7 pm daily.
Entertainment: Jukebox, pinball.