[BAKERY] You've already tasted Julie Richardson and Matt Kappler's homey baked goods at farmers markets across the city, but don't pass up a stop in the pair's welcoming Hillsdale cafe, which kinda feels like Starbucks with good cookies and a soul. Nibble on a ham-and-Gruyère croissant and a cup of coffee from Portland's small-batch roasted Zbeanz coffee, grab a berry hand pie ($2.75) to go or settle in at a table and gobble up a custardy bread pudding ($2.25). You can order full cakes, too. And when you start getting depressed that your shortbread cookies will never, ever taste this buttery good, head a few doors down, to Richardson's baking equipment shop, Sweetwares, and sign up for a class.

Grocery list: Shortbread cookies (50 cents), turkey sandwich and a loaf of olive ciabatta (Saturday only).