Teardrop owner Daniel Shoemaker, a 14-year bartending veteran from San Francisco, doesn't feel quite at home in the Pearl on a Saturday night. He doesn't serve Red Bull, and he has no use for Grey Goose. "No, we don't have any beer on tap" is his most frequently uttered phrase. But alongside longtime bartending buddy Ted Charak, he's in his element, encircled by the tear-shaped bar and letting his passion for mixology showcase what Teardrop's about. Among the duo's many creations is the Araby ($7)—vodka, fresh ginger, tamarind nectar and palm sugar, topped with Thai chile rings. While the green, mini-jalapeño-looking chiles added color—much like the fresh berries in Teardrop's $16-a-pitcher sake sangria, which are bought daily and changed according to the variety at the farmers market—Shoemaker's recipes are not about garnish or splash—edible flowers and candy-coated rims. His cocktail geekdom is in the chemistry of the cocktail—the gastronomy of the spirit, if you will.
Perfect Patron: Drinkers of great palate. (JM)