The notion of an ice cream shop right on Jamison Square might be the biggest retail "no duh" of the year; this will be the spot to be for the under-10 set as the days grow warmer. If you've been wondering where to find fresh ice cream—not gelato or fro-yo—look no further. This is the real stuff—an egg-based, French "custard-style" ice cream that lingers on your tongue, leaving a sweet, creamy coating on your lips, something not often achieved from eating store-bought or mass-produced ice cream. Flavors ($2.85 per single scoop) vary according to season and whim. Recent standouts ranged from a coffee caramel that delivered a bold hit of fresh java offset by a fluid ribbon of buttery caramel to an earthy, vanilla-based brandied nutmeg and an amaretto crunch (vanilla blended with almond-anise biscotti). (JM)