School may be out for summer, but that doesn't mean it's time to dry age your brain. Imagine you're one of those "bad" kids, forced to hit the books when the sun is high due to some major indiscretion during the school year involving a naughty librarian and the "Nonfiction L-P" section. But unlike summer school, if you do well on Miss Dish's test you don't get graded, you get four $25 gift certificates to Jake's Grill! First person to email with the correct answers becomes the teacher's pet. Clue: Many questions are culled from past Miss D. columns.

1) Which local beermonger recently unleashed a batch of suds named for a nascent city transportation project? Tell Miss D. the brewery and the brew.

2) Name the restaurant that most recently took over the old Zefiro space off Northwest Glisan Street and the cuisine it serves.

3) Which brilliant Portland weekly newspaper just launched an amazing searchable restaurant site called Food Finder on its website, Describe the logo on the first page.

4) Name the two local businessmen who recently joined forces with other large investors to buy back their chain of restaurants from a conglomerate.

5) Every summer foodies swarm the Willamette Valley wine country from far and wide to celebrate what vino varietal?

6) This American chef most recently went pan to pan with Iron Chef Morimoto Masaharu in Japan. Who is it, and who won?

7) Mexican outpost Ensenada's recently folded and had its spot taken over by what new south-of-the-border eatery?

8) What do you do with a mandoline in the kitchen?

9) The sexiest chef in Portland is...?

10) The title of Anthony Bourdain's pan-rattling behind-the-scenes book about the sociology of the restaurant kitchen is?

The answers and winner will be announced next Wednesday here on