Steve Gazda's candy shop opened at the end of 2009 on Northwest 23rd Avenue, offering old-timey treats—taffy, jawbreakers, lemon drops, Squirrel Nut Zippers, wax soda bottles and retro chewing gum like Clove and Blackjack—and a haute shot of Nob Hill panache with a variety of housemade, artisan goodies. Standouts include slider-size dark-chocolate caramel turtles (sea salt-touched as well as a "drunken" variety spiked with red wine), astonishingly thick and mouthwatering brown-sugar pralines ($3.50) and caramels—soft, buttery, orthodontia-friendly and available by the piece (50 cents each).

Grocery list: Dark-chocolate pecan turtle, buttery caramels, handmade marshmallows.