Taco trucks are by far the most common carts in town, gathering en masse in the cart "pods" and "rows" downtown and going it alone in scattered parking lots from St. Johns to Southeast 82nd Avenue. La Jarochita is not the biggest or flashiest of the bunch, and the small maroon-colored trailer is easy to miss among its companions on Southwest 5th Avenue, but the food here is some of the best and most authentic around. Look a little bit off the menu at the colorful handwritten signs plastered on the truck for regional specialties rarely found at other carts: sopes from Guadalajara ($1.50 each), like tacos with a thick base made from fried cornmeal "bowls" and topped with beans, meat and salsa; huaraches, a beloved Mexican street treat of thick "paddles" of grilled masa piled with a healthy dose of meats, beans and veggies and smothered with sauces; and tamales ($1.50 each) made Veracruz style, wrapped not in the typical corn husks but in banana leaves.