With candlelit ambience and a wall covered with velvet paintings of sunsets, North Bar feels like the Rat Pack's Canadian hunting lodge. The boozy joint, plopped at the intersection of Southeast Division Street and 50th Avenue, also has the magnetism of a vacation spot, complete with sassy bartenders, chatty regulars and tasty, cheese-centric bar food. It's stripped down, but who needs complexity when you have a laid-back bar, a jukebox full of everything from Mott the Hoople to MGMT and a place to sip a pint or 10 while feeling at home?
What to drink: North Lemonade ($6.50): house-infused strawberry vodka, muddled lemon, simple syrup, imitation Chambord and soda.
Happy hour: $1.50 PBR, $3 microbrews and wells; 3-7 pm daily.
Entertainment: Jukebox, pool, TV, board games, Wi-Fi, sidewalk seating.