Sweatering It Out: Sweaters

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Drama Teens: Boys andGirls

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Last Resort: Resortwear

Oh, the lure of the handsome devil. He chops firewood and cooks better than you do, but he can't dress his way out of a paper bag. Don't wait for him to cry for help. The holiday season is the only time of the year when you can tactfully re-tool his style from head to toe. So seize the day--and toss those greasy wife-beaters out while you're at it.

Shake Your Booties
Although the head designer for Spanish company Tsubo used to sketch shoes for Reebok (in the bad old puffy high-top aerobic sneaker days), you'd never know it looking at the Zorch slip-on boot ($179, Halo Shoes, 1425 NE Broadway, 331-0366). This citified stretch boot has an all-leather upper, squared-off toe and secret superhero red lining, plus a low-heeled rubber sole sporty and durable enough for a decade's worth of step-ball-change-turn-clap-kick disco dancing. Now that's sexy!

Slob Appeal
Some guys think dressing up means clean BVDs and a splash of Brut. For your favorite T-shirt tobogganist who can't be coaxed into wearing anything that creases, there's the Comme des Garçons wool long-sleeved tee ($120, Poker Face, 128 SW 3rd Ave., 294-0445). Made of finely woven merino in flattering-to-every-man-on-earth tones, it ups your skate punk's style status without jeopardizing his street cred. Just don't tell him how much you spent on it. Ouch!

The latest from Japanese street fashion brand Lad Musician, the Madison jacket ($418, Poker Face) effortlessly blends cosmo-polish with a little punk rock. The brushed fabric is gorgeously unique without even whispering "pimp," while the intricate seaming offset with modern zipper details gives this coat its edge--literally. Exposed zipper teeth snake up both sleeves, which not only look cool but discourage sleepy strangers from resting their heads on his shoulder during the TriMet commute.

Rock, Paper, Denim
Why gamble? If you ache to hear "I like it. No, seriously, I really like it," give Paper Denim & Cloth "Icon" cut jeans ($160, Lit, 214 SW 8th Ave., 827-3300) in the distinctive three-year wash. Watch in amazement as they add four inches to leg length and turn even flabby, desk-worn derrières into believable beefcake. Slightly boot-cut and nipped at the knee, the appealing cut of these pants is matched by a trendy (but not obnoxious) cross-hatched wash. Giddy up, hipster.

Slope Soundtrack
A fresh coat of wax and a season pass--the only thing missing from this aggro-alpine fantasy is the Burton Analog Clone MD Jacket ($1,000, Exit Real World, 820 NW Glisan St., 226-3948). This high-tech topper is made with a Sony Mini-Disc and digital music player sewn right into the fabric (yes, it's removable for when you dump a double-decaf caramel latte on the coat). Slick feature: The player's controls are touch-sensitive fabric patches on the jacket's sleeve, so he can control the music just by tapping his forearm. Built to Spill and a black-diamond run: together at last.

Vested Interest
There's a gift basket of reasons why you should buy your boy a fitted pullover vest by Adam Arnold ($52, Seaplane, 3352 SE Belmont St., 234-2409). It's made from body-hugging wool knit in a modern greige (gray plus beige). Its quiet quirk is one offset vertical pocket adorned with a contrasting black zip (just big enough for your phone number). It's also designed and constructed by one of Portland's few men's designers. This piece requires confidence, intelligence and a svelte silhouette--but if he doesn't have those, what are you doing with him anyway?

Mitten Your Maker
A poll of stylish Portland men reveals that mittens are not girly. Snowboarders wear them. Hunters wear them. Now he can, too. Smittens by Sarah ($22, Retread Threads, 931 SW Oak St., 916-0000) are high-loft fleece hand-sewn mittens, made locally by designer Sarah Bottom. They're made in mega-manly shades like red, navy and gray. If that isn't butch enough, the backs of these gloves are appliquéd with badass dingbats: anchors, red crosses and skulls-and-crossbones. Now your favorite sailor, male nurse or Jolly Roger can take his hands out of your pockets, but only if you want him to.