When you walk into Sonya Damtew's red, yellow and green cafe, the first thing you'll notice is the traditional coffee-ceremony area, strewn with animal hides, carved stools and, often, sweetly smoking sticks of incense from the ceremonies, which E'Njoni holds every day from 4 to 6 pm. But there's more here than coffee: Fuul ($5.95/$6.95) is the house special—a traditional savory African-Arabic hash of fava beans, red onions, chile peppers, tomatoes and feta drizzled with olive oil and served with French bread. Other standout dishes include the beef injerito ($8.95/$9.95)—a blanket of injera topped with spicy sautéed rosemary-rich beef, and West African peanut soup ($2.95/$3.95 cup, $4.95/$5.95 bowl), which packs a nutty kick with sliced jalapeños and red bells in a puréed peanut stock. (LC)