Michael Liu's mall boasts Malaysian, Vietnamese, Korean and Japanese restaurants, a Starbucks, a tea shop, bakery, jeweler, bulk candy bin, bubble tea counter, dentist and marble statuary seller, but the core of the beast is the expansive Fubonn supermarket itself, which stocks every Asian staple your heart could desire—including actual animal hearts as well as intestines, ears, feet and even bung. For the less organ-obsessed there are acres of rice, noodles, frozen seafood, cheap local and exotic produce, sauces, curries and arcane health tonics, plus kitchenware. Visit the refrigerated beverage aisle to have your mind blown—artichoke soda?

Grocery list: Dried cuttlefish snack, taro root bubble tea, hoisin and chile sauce, fresh and dried noodles, bahn mi from the deli.