Hidden in an odd little cul-de-sac one block north of pan-Asian megamart Fubonn, this DIY soup joint is worth hunting for. Each table in Beijing Hot Pot's red-and-gold interior is equipped with its own gas-heated, two-chambered cauldron. Fill it with the broth of your choice—"spicy" or "nourish"—and, once your base is bubbling away, try a "Combination for Two" ($24.95), which is actually plenty for three, particularly when supplemented with a dozen delectable dumplings ($4.95). Submerge razor-thin beef and pork, chicken meatballs, golden needle mushrooms, bean curd sheets and greens into the broth. Wait a few moments. Blow off steam. Dunk in housemade chile sauce. Enjoy. And be sure to save a few noodles for the end, when the broth is at its richest, for a bowl of noodle soup.