The bang-for-the-buck ratio at Belly Timber is so tipped in your favor that you may begin to feel as though you were stealing from its proprietors. The menu in this beautifully restored Victorian home on Southeast Hawthorne Boulevard boasts a nice collection of small plates and sides, and all of the entrees can be ordered as half-portions. This means diners who want to try a little bit of everything theoretically can. Sunday brunch is especially nice here, where a tenner will net you a beautiful stack of earthy wild mushrooms on hash browns with a perfectly poached egg perched on top. A poppy-studded kaiser roll hosts smoky house bacon or sausage, egg and cheese alongside some stellar home fries, draped with caramelized onions and fennel. Living within your means has never tasted so good.
Order this: When they're hot out of the oil, Belly Timber's fries are the best in town, hands down. The luscious bone-marrow aioli that accompanies them doesn't hurt, either.
Best deal: Sunday brunch is such a good deal it's criminal.
I'll pass: The bar here puts out delicious cocktails but pours them pretty stiff. Be careful.