To the throngs of faithful who have frequented Kir since its inception early this summer, this pocket-size wine bar shelled in dusty pink and vintage gold is the type of place about which they'd prefer to keep quiet. This isn't because there's fault to be found in a brimming bowl of plump mussels in a tasty bath of white wine and Spanish chorizo, or because the rations of salami and cheese on the charcuterie platter are too generous, or because summer's roster of rosé nearly outnumbers the thoughtful selections of whites and reds by the glass (few of which ever top 10 bucks). No, it's because Portland is home to 560,000 residents, and, for now, living-room-size Kir is the city's best-kept secret. One taste of the mussels and a few moments spent with owner Amalie Roberts, and you'll want to visit again and again. So keep it under your hat, 'kay?

IDEAL MEAL: Seasonal salad, charcuterie platter, mussels, Two Tarts cookies.