When you visit Good Taste Noodle House, bring a friend. They are not shy about portions at this anonymously decorated cafe off Southeast 82nd Avenue, and you're sure to need backup to finish a Super Bowl order of won ton noodle soup, brimming with plump dumplings stuffed with pork and shrimp and mounds of roasted-in-house meats. Good Taste covers standard Chinese well, from shrimp fried rice to kung pao chicken, and a whole section of the menu is devoted to congee (rice porridge), but it's the signature bowls of noodle soup that will get you in the door. The won tons bathing in the salty-sweet broth are excellent thermal insulators. Even if the dumplings' surface is just a touch warm, the core can be molten—be careful! Your precautions will be rewarded with a five-spice-laced pork bomb with almost whole shrimp buried within. The slices of barbecue pork, bits of roasted duck (use your fingers) and chunks of roast pork swimming alongside, including crackling pork skin, are just a bonus.

IDEAL MEAL: All you need is the Super Bowl.