[FLOUR] With its daily factory tours, gigantic antique millstone and oversized red barn decor attracting tourists and carb fiends, the bucolic headquarters of Bob Moore's flour empire is basically the Tillamook Cheese Factory of Milwaukie. It's also a bulk-bin wonderland that scoops out pound upon pound of beans, oats, brownie mix and, of course, flour made of everything from green peas, potato, quinoa and amaranth to even good old wheat. What Bob's lacks in bargains it makes up for in endless selection. After eyeballing the rows of packaged organic flours, date crumbles, soup and pancake mixes and, more recently, a whole aisle of gluten-free products, collapse out on the patio with a house-baked muffin alongside the couple on one side wearing motorcycle leathers and the Quaker wife and her brood on the other.
Grocery list: Twenty-five-pound bag of garbanzo/fava flour, gluten-free brownie mix, Bob's Red Mill ball cap.