You've gotta love a bar whose name says it all: Not only is this airy quasi-dive shaped like the interior of a seagoing vessel (complete with an arched roof), it's also guaranteed to get you tanked with a diverse tap selection and ample liquor. The staff is sweetly smarmy, and gigantic tables allow large groups to stick together even on busy nights. Tanker also serves high-school-cafeteria mainstay Frito pie ($7), an ungodly slop of Fritos, cheese and chili that tastes better with each drink.
What to drink: Beer in a can. Tanker offers 19 different tallboys, from Mickey's ($3) to Belhaven Scottish Ale ($6).
Happy hour: $1 off pints, $2.50 wells; 3-8 pm Monday-Friday and all day Sunday. Entertainment: Jukebox, video games, TV, Wi-Fi.