[OLD MACGRESHAM HAD A FARM] Ken Brendler's red barn looks out of place squatting on a busy corner out near Gresham—like a Wizard of Oz tornado dropped the Portland Farmers Market in the 'burbs. For three decades Brendler and his family have worked with local farmers to provide good-quality, inexpensive produce and fruits, from potatoes to tomatoes to fungi and greens, for their shoppers. "They deliver it from the field to the back door, and we bring it in and sell it," says Ken's sister, Growers manager Jan Brendler, with a laugh. "You can't get much fresher than that." The homey, rustic space counsels its customers at every turn, with handwritten notes explaining which Washington apple varieties are good for baking or freezing, and signs drawing attention to bins of onion starts, yuca root and local jellies and sauces. Growers Outlet buys nuts and grains in bulk and repackages them in smaller portions for customers to cut costs. Load up on golden raisins and granola, or Brazil nuts, pecans and Oregon walnuts and hazelnuts.

Grocery list: Super-seasonal produce, fresh herbs, hazelnuts, Briar Patch boysenberry jam, Tampico orange punch.