[HALAL MEAT] Iranian-born Mustafa Elogbi has been offering halal goods—meats that have been butchered according to Muslim customs, much like keeping kosher—for more than two decades. Give a respectful nod to the very fresh-lookin' whole, skinned goat staring up at you from the butcher's case at this small market buried in a 99W office park and load up on beef and lamb cuts (about $3.99 a pound), hearts, tongue and kidneys. Elogbi gets his animals from local farmers every Wednesday and Friday. The market also carries Persian and Mediterranean staples like kefir, olives, cheap spices, Kontos Greek pastries and long, flat, sourdough-ish sangak bread.

Grocery list: Ground goat meat, halva with pistachios, chana flour, date syrup, flatbread.