[GERMAN SAUSAGE] There's pretty much nothing better than devouring a spicy, juicy smoked pork link ($3) at a picnic table out in front of the Eichentopf family's Woodstock sausage shop (open since 1929!). Just don't be surprised if the whole neighborhood is out there with you, waiting patiently to order up an old-fashioned wiener ($2) or chicken sausage at the big black grill that sits belching smoke outside the shop all summer and winter long. Inside, the quaint operation stocks nearly 50 more types of housemade sausages, from kielbasa to chorizo, as well as bologna, salami, lunch meats and smoked salmon. And there's salads by the pound, cheeses, sandwiches, German staples and, of course, a heart attack.

Grocery list: Bockwurst, potato sausage, six-pack of beer and a pound of curry chicken salad.