[KILLER BREAD] The story of mustachioed breadman Dave Dahl, an ex-con who traded dealing meth for baking bread after 15 years in the slammer, is part of Oregon mythology. But just as legendary are the burly baker's breads—nutty, hearty, whole-grain organic loaves that beat the pants off any other sandwich slabs in town—and maybe the universe. Dave's breads are sold at farmers markets and local grocery stores, but fans can buy loaves on the super-cheap at the company's yeast-perfumed Milwaukie headquarters and Healthy Bread Store, across the street from Bob's Red Mill. Day-old loaves are around $3.50, grocery-store returns (three to five days old) in the freezer are only $1.80 to $2.80. Buy in bulk to make it worth the drive—these killers do great in the deep freeze.

Grocery list: Dave's toast-perfect bestseller Good Seed, Peace Bomb mini-baguette and a discount loaf of spelt grain bread from Nature Bake, Dave's sister operation.