[ITALIAN] This market and deli, located downtown only a few blocks south of Powell's, is haphazardly but pleasantly arranged. Shelves of imported Italian foodstuffs meet at odd angles, while every otherwise-unoccupied flat surface has been filled with a box of sweets. Though some of the imports seem to add only a price bump and a "from Italy" tag (I don't need Italian kidney beans), Martinotti's has a wide selection of worthwhile Italian noodles, meats, cheeses and wines, as well as the aforementioned sweets. In the rear of the store lurk Italian and otherwise European wines, the most decadent a glass case of ports ranging from $100 to a $2,000 bottle of Fonseca 1948. The prepared food is good, but it can be a little on the expensive side: The delicious Italian sandwich will set you back almost $9, and it just fills its 4-by-4-inch ciabatta square.

Grocery list: De Cecco Zita pasta, Amaretti Virginia cookies ($1.75), mortadella ($13.75/lb.), three-year-old Parmigiano-Reggiano ($18.95/lb.).