It's no wonder local author Patrick deWitt (Ablutions) came here to work on his next novel, a Western about frequently blotto brothers shooting their way to gold-crazy California. The clientele ain't exactly the spur-clanking kind, but the mounted horns decorating the walls of this converted house definitely lend the place an Old West vibe. They probably didn't have Triscuit nachos ($8) on the wagon trail, but you can bet they had a three-legged dog. Liberty Glass has both. If you sit out front near the fireplace, ol' Otis will watch you drink, and somehow nightfall won't seem so scary. There's booze in them thar hills!
What to drink: The Snap Dragon ($6) is a bright and bittersweet marriage of Campari, Champagne and sugar. Good luck looking tough.
Happy hour: $1 off pints and appetizers midnight-2:30 am.
Entertainment: Otis; bingo on Monday nights.