[VIETNAMESE] It's all about the tofu at Thanh Son. This family-owned deli offers banh mi, pho and a buffet of brightly colored Vietnamese desserts (che) sold by the pound—including a cassava-and-coconut mixture that tastes delightfully like coconut gummy worms—but the housemade tofu is the standout here. Available raw and in fried chunks flavored with green onion or lemongrass and chile, this stuff could convert even the most vehement tofu-hater. If you can't wait until you get home before digging in, grab a drink from the cooler and take a seat at one of the tables where you can chow down while watching Vietnamese music videos on the TV.

Grocery list: Fried onion tofu, raw tofu, green papaya salad with pineapple, tofu/taro/carrot eggrolls (or a similar meat option).