If "bacon-wrapped" is the ultimate food prefix, "on a waffle" is the ultimate suffix. The battered blank canvas has long been the object of foodie affection in Portland, and brand new cart Parkers Waffles takes that love to the next level. Their waffles are crisp-edged, caramel-toned launch pads for flavor, making sweet and savory love to their toppings in rapturous, edible synergy. While cherished Flavour Spot has a chokehold on the Dutch Taco concept, Parkers waffles lie flat, snuggled under blankets of scrambled eggs sown with scarlet sun-dried tomatoes and basil pesto. The menu abounds with unexpected waffle creations, from the dynamite pulled-pork topped with crunchy coleslaw, to the homey simplicity of plump blueberries and whipped cream on a dense lemon curd cloud, like a mother's hug for your taste buds.


BEST BITE: Lemon and blueberry fruit waffle, $5.
CHEAPEST BITE: The Original, a plain waffle brushed with sweet cream or maple syrup and dusted with powdered sugar, is just $2.50.