Andy Ricker's latest project attempts to capture the vibe his restaurant Pok Pok had in the few weeks before it became Southeast Portland's most popular eatery: cool space, casual service, weirdly delicious food. The bar is designed, I think, to feel like an outdoor restaurant in Southeast Asia, with clapboard paneling on the walls and blue-and-white oilcloth on the tables. Specials, including thematic whiskey flights, are chalked right on the wall. The food is great, but not super-cheap—expect to pay about $15 per person to get full. Try the dried cuttlefish, chicken gizzards and pumpkin fritters.
What to drink: 22-ounce Beerlao, $7.50.
Happy hour: None.
Entertainment: Watching people try to eat dried cuttlefish (it's like jerky).