[VIETNAMESE] Walk in the door and you're greeted by a poster of a smiling Vietnamese child in traditional garb imploring you to enjoy your shopping. Another step brings you to a stand with Thai bananas across from a refrigerated wall full of "grass jelly drink," beer and bottled coffees. Hong Phat has a nice variety of products (one huge aisle wall is devoted to sauces) and a friendly staff, happy to direct you through the store's daunting collection of frozen fish, calamari and shellfish. The produce section is robust as well, with oodles of fresh herbs, vegetables and hard-to-find fruits (durian: $1.29/lb.). You'll also find a wall of imported sweets and a small cookware department with an assortment of skillets and pots.

Grocery list: Pig feet ($1.69/lb.), whole striped bass ($5.95/lb.), Thai bananas ($2.95), duck balut (85 cents each).