[ASIAN] Manila Market's atmosphere tilts toward the eerier side of sterility, the deep, mechanical hum of the freezers jibing awkwardly with the buzzing fluorescent lights. Nonetheless, the selection is wide and interesting and the prices are reasonably low. The Market boasts a host of pan-Asian ingredients, from the usual wall of sauces and case of frozen seafood to all manner of instant ramen, noodles and curries. Toss in a small but resilient-looking produce section, a meat department that has every cut of pork the layman can think of (and a few the layman probably wouldn't) and a wall of odd sweets with cryptic slogans. My favorite: cream puffs "Taste of yesterday / Quality…….today." Don't miss out on the collection of atypical ice cream flavors in the back.

Grocery list: Pork belly ($2.99/lb.), preserved duck eggs ($1.99 for six), yen ta fo sauce ($1.79), avocado sorbet ($6.99).